The Aquarian: “12 tracks of pure head banging, mind altering metal for your listening pleasure. Be sure to check out “Thirteen” off this record. The instrumental arrangements are amazing and layered in such a way that this four minute song never gets repetitive.”

Metal Maniacs: “Just because something has Austin Enterprise recording credits doesn’t automatically pigeonhole any release a sci-fi, avante-garde, whisky -n- assault rifle suicide psycho-core… Diesel Theory is another amalgam of post AmRep noice and metal vigor. Those crunching straight-foward double bass segments lined with crushing buildups that put me on the same rocked-out Viking mindset as Grand Magus are as prevalent as the Unsane vs. Godflesh tones, the blurry Quicksand guitar textures, the Hangnail grunge/sludge-isms and the backwoods US doom groves!!!”